Kathy-jo Wargin
Kathy-jo Wargin
bestselling author of more than 1.2 million books sold worldwide

Education Programs Featuring Kathy-jo Wargin's Presentation

Seeds, Sprouts & Blossoms: Growing a Garden of Writers.


Seeds, Sprouts, & Blossoms: Growing a Garden of Writers.

Join Kathy-jo Wargin as she simplifies the creative writing process for students in this exciting, colorful and productive program. As the name conveys, creative writing is an organic, natural process that requires layers of planning, preparation, nurturing, caretaking, and most of all - love. The program is available for several different venues:


Writer's Workshop in a Classroom Environment.

This program works very well in a classroom environment for all grade levels. Kathy-jo Wargin is able to differentiate the concepts so they are appropriate for each age-group from early elementary through university.


For Educators as an In-Service to implement the concepts into their own writing program.

Kathy-jo Wargin offers programs that are delivered to educators so they may implement Seeds, Sprouts, & Blossoms into their year-long writing program.


For corporations or institutions seeking to encourage employees self-identifying as "nonwriters" to become better written communicators, or to encourage natural writers to take their writing to the next level.

The program helps adults who self-identify as non-writers to connect with their natural ability to write and communicate more efficiently and organically within their professional capacity. It also serves as a team-building activity and a program that encourages participants to improve their written communication skills for professional growth or personal enrichment.


Kathy-jo Wargin also has a complete list of additional programs for various age groups, outcomes, and interests. Please contact the studio for more information.

Skype Visits

For nearly two decades, I’ve enjoyed visiting schools throughout the country. I’ve met terrific students and teachers, and will continue to offer in-person programs to educational institutions. However, an increasing number of schools now request Skype Visits, and I believe technology is an important and central part of a student’s whole academic experience. I’m thrilled to be able to bind the benefits of an educational program with today’s dynamic learning environment by delivering quality engagement in a smaller, more personal visit. In this way, Skype Visits allow the opportunity for meaningful discussions and learning with students. 
— Kathy-jo Wargin


Skype Visits are available for elementary, middle and high school grade levels as well as university programs and community programs. Kathy-jo can design a program that specifically speaks to your goals.


Correlated Study

Single classrooms can independently schedule Skype Visits to correlate with a unit of study,  particular book, theme, writing trait or other creative educational goal. Skype Visits are also available for secondary schools, universities, libraries, associations, clubs and more.


A Skype Visit is 45 minutes in length and the fee is $300. An average size elementary school can accommodate a student body in 4 to 6 visits over the course of one day, making for a fun, unified school-wide Skype Day.



Once your Skype Visits are booked, you will receive Kathy-jo Wargin's Skype number and directions for connection as well as a few strategies for making the most out of your Skype Visit.