Kathy-jo Wargin

Great Lakes. Great Love. 

The Stonegarden

She was starting over. He was at the end. In this new series for adults, you'll be transported to the fictional town of Orchard Bay in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin, nestled along the shore of Lake Michigan. 


From Bestselling Author Kathy-jo Wargin comes a story about second chances.

It all started when...

Daisy Tate left Chicago under less than perfect circumstances, moving quickly to Door County, Wisconsin in a brave effort to rebuild her life. On the other side of the peninsula, he’s been building a fence out of stones, each one pulled from the land and wedged into the chambers of a long-held sorrow. While searching for second chances, a bitter secret sends them both to a stone-laden shore along Lake Michigan, but for very different reasons. 


About the Orchard Bay Series

The Orchard Bay Novels are set in Door County, Wisconsin. Amidst the backdrop of the peninsula, the stories take you through vintage streetscapes and charming harbor towns, sweeping orchards and dark, quiet places nestled between pockets of twisting cedar and craggy, shoreline cliffs.

The Stonegarden is Book Number One in this series.


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Kathy-jo Wargin

Kathy-jo Wargin is the bestselling author of more than fifty books for adults and children. With more than 1.2 million copies sold, she writes across genres and age-groups, and has earned national recognition for award–winning titles such as Michigan’s Official State Children’s Book The Legend of Sleeping Bear, the International Reading Association’s Children's Choice Award Winner The Legend of the Loon, the Bank Street College of Education Best Book Listee The Voyageur’s Paddle, the IRA Teacher's Choice Award Winner Win One for the Gipper, and many more. 

Her Orchard Bay series for adults takes place in a fictional town nestled in the lovely Door Peninsula of Wisconsin.

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The Orchard Bay Novels


Great Lakes. Great Love. New from Bliva Publishing.

In the quaint Door County Peninsula village of Orchard Bay, Wisconsin, the Lake Michigan shoreline is dotted with artisan galleries and breezy resorts. Amidst the backdrop of the peninsula's charm, characters weave in and out of airy orchards, bustling towns, historic marinas and sweet boutiques, holding tight to the secrets of those who call it home, as well as the desires of those wishing to do so.

This serial for adults is set in the fictional town of Orchard Bay, tucked into the hillside of Wisconsin's Door Peninsula. The first book in the series is The Stonegarden, which is available now.

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You can buy The Stonegarden at your favorite indie bookseller or online retailer. It is available in both paperback and hardcover, as well as for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, desktop and all general digital readers.

You can also buy your copy of The Stonegarden on this site via the button below. While you do pay shipping when purchasing direct from the author, you will receive an autographed bookplate for your book. *mailed separately.


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