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Kathy-jo Wargin
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Great Lakes. Great Love. A New Adult Series Begins June 2017.  

Welcome to the Orchard Bay Series.

Stroll quiet village streetscapes where vintage storefronts and weathered fences are lined with hydrangeas and hollyhocks and lilies. Hide away in your wooded cabin, sleep well and set sail once again in the morning. This is life in Orchard Bay, Wisconsin, the setting of the newest series from Kathy-jo Wargin.


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Introducing Novel Number One in the Orchard Bay Series.

The Stonegarden

Great Lakes. Great Love. Arriving June 2017.  

In the quaint Door County Peninsula village of Orchard Bay, Wisconsin, the Lake Michigan shoreline is dotted with artisan galleries and breezy resorts. Amidst the backdrop of the peninsula's charm, characters weave in and out of airy orchards, bustling towns, historic marinas and sleek boutiques, holding tight to the secrets of those who call it home, as well as the desires of those wishing to do so.

This serial for adults is set in the fictional town of Orchard Bay, tucked into the hillside of Wisconsin's Door Peninsula. The first book in the series is The Stonegarden, which will be available to readers June 2017.


About the Book:

Daisy left Chicago under less than perfect circumstances, moving quickly to Door County, Wisconsin in a brave effort to rebuild her life. Settling in to the picturesque village of Orchard Bay, nestled in the bow of the Niagara Escarpment along Lake Michigan, she discovers that everything she thought she knew about life and loss is hopelessly wrong, but still worth saving. 


Come. Dip your toes into the cool, fresh, water. 

I believe wholeheartedly that our lives and stories are shaped by the landscape in which we live - and the places that we love. I’m calling the Orchard Bay Series “Northern Women’s Fiction” because we’re not the bustling east coast, we’re not the carefree west coast, but we’re the dynamic, glistening, freshwater Great Lakes Coast, and the stories of Orchard Bay reflect this love and appreciation of the Great Lakes lifestyle.
— Kathy-jo Wargin

More about the Village of Orchard Bay, Wisconsin.

The fictional village of Orchard Bay is located in Door County, Wisconsin, a peninsula known to most as "the Cape Cod of the Midwest" with it's meandering beaches and coastal towns.  With a make-believe year-round population of 2, 378 residents, like the other villages in Door County, Orchard Bay swells with the hustle and bustle of visitors during summer and into fall, while in winter, it is a snow-covered respite for some, a deep and hollow quiet for others.

The series has will soon have it's own website to invite readers to step into the charming nautical life of Door County, Wisconsin, while immersing in the lives and stories of the characters who live there. You'll find tidbits about interesting places to visit, recipes, things to do and much, much more. 

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