The Stonegarden for Nook

The Stonegarden for Nook


She’s starting over. He’s at the end. Daisy Tate left Chicago under less than perfect circumstances, moving quickly to Door County, Wisconsin in the brave effort to rebuild her life. Settling into the picturesque village of Orchard Bay, she knows that her only hope for a new start is through the door of a shabby cottage. On the other side of the peninsula, he’s been building a fence out of stones, each one pulled from the land and wedged into the chambers of a long-held sorrow. While searching for second chances, a bitter secret sends them both to a stone-laden shore along Lake Michigan, but for very different reasons.

The Stonegarden is set in Door County, Wisconsin. Amidst the backdrop of the peninsula, the characters take you through vintage streetscapes and charming harbor towns, sweeping orchards and dark, quiet places nestled between pockets of twisting cedar and craggy, shoreline cliffs. 

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