Kathy-jo Wargin
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"It always bothered Mitt that he never knew what happened to his mother and father and brothers and sisters. As it is in most mice families, it just happened to be that one morning he woke up alone and on his own." 

- From Mitt the Michigan Mouse by Kathy-jo Wargin


Chapter Books

Chapter books provide young readers a chance to read independently and gain confidence in their ability to master longer texts. The Adventures of Mitt & Minn offer brief, fast-paced chapters that move the young reader through the longer story of two mice making their way through the Midwest. Wholesome, entertaining content that is appropriate for even the youngest readers.



Mitt, The michigan mouse

Mitt, as young white-footed mouse, lives happily in a wool mitten deep in the forest until a boy happens by with his rather large dog that snatches Mitt’s beloved home sending him on an adventure to find his home.

Minn from minnesota

Gerdie, a Swedish woman living in northern Minnesota, discovers Minn in a bushel of cherries from Michigan and invites the little mouse to share the comfort of her cozy cabin in the woods.

mitt & minn at the wisconsin cheese jamboree

What could convince two young mice to journey to a Cheese Jamboree in Wisconsin? Why CHEESE, of course!  And a little adventure too!


Upon her arrival Minn is befriended by a kind old lady named Gerdie who is willing to share her cozy Minnesota cabin with Minn...This is the second book in author Kathy-jo Wargin’s delightful series of superbly written and entertaining books for young readers showcasing this intrepid little mouse and her adventures.

mitt & Minn's Illinois Adventure

After exploring their respective home states, Mitt and Minn meet in Book Three at the Wisconsin Cheese Jamboree. 



Early Readers


frank and beans

A Lesson in Caring and Kindness. Frank’s neighbor has puppies, and boy, does Frank want one! But by the time his parents say yes, the puppies are all gone. 

frank and beans in smore trouble

Frank loses his temper with the family cat and now poor S’More has run away. Does Frank have the patience he needs?

frank and beans and the scary campout

Frank and Beans are camping in the backyard. But when the sun goes down, Frank hears all kinds of scary noises. 

frank and beans and the grouchy neighbor

Frank can’t wait to go fishing―until he finds out Mr. Granger is going too. And Mr. Granger doesn’t like dogs! 


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