Kathy-jo Wargin
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Heartwarming Classics

In court and field and cloak of white
the deer as loyal lords of flight,
shall kneel upon their pearl-white beds
and gently bow their brownish heads.

As birds beloved with soft-breast,
sing human songs from simple nest,
among the benches of thy birch
come midnight hymns from natures church -

While far above the wood and field
and shining meadows swept and sealed,
the feathered capes of soaring kings
protect the mice beneath their wings.
— The Legend of Christmas Eve REVISED EDITION by Kathy-jo Wargin
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For Holidays and Heartfelt Moments

Quiet, reflective stories for shared reading time.


Mary's First Thanksgiving

Most days, Mary loves her new home in America. But now it’s Thanksgiving time, and her family has little food. Mary begins to wish she could go back to Ireland. So Father tells Mary the story of how the Pilgrims struggled when they first came to America. There were times when they had barely enough food, just like their family. But five kernels of corn helped the Pilgrims survive. Will the legend of the five kernels help Mary too?



A mother's wish

Young Ella never forgets the wish she made upon the wings of a butterfly, even as the years pass by. Ella's mother also makes a butterfly wish, full of strength and love.

currently out of print

The frog prince

The youngest daughter of the king lives a very special life.When her beloved ball is lost, she strikes a bargain for its return with a thick, green frog—a deal she won’t keep! 

Once upon a Christmas eve

It has been known for centuries that at the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve, a miracle happens deep in the forests and fields, and all animals are given the gift of speech. 

currently out of print

about once upon a christmas eve:

...This beautifully told story by Kathy-Jo Wargin is memorably illustrated with the museum gallery quality artwork of Bruce Langton whose snowy images provide the perfect showcase for Wargin’s imaginative prose. “Once Upon A Christmas Eve” can justifiably be considered as a true Christmas classic to be read and enjoyed by many future generations of young readers.
— Midwest Book Review

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