Mitt Michigan Mouse Book Cover

Mitt, the Michigan Mouse

Mitten Press  |  2015 reprint softcover  |  160 pages

Mitt, as young white-footed mouse, lives happily in a wool mitten deep in the forest until a boy happens by with his rather large dog that snatches Mitt’s beloved home. Mitt embarks on a journey across Michigan to retrieve his warm and cozy mitten, seeing many sights and having many adventures.

Mitt, the Michigan Mouse is the first book in a chapter book series of four stories about a family of mice and their journeys throughout the Great Lakes states. Mitt, the Michigan mouse, lives in the woods of northern Michigan near Cheboygan. When his beloved mitten home is lost, he embarks on a journey to try to find it. At the same time in Minnesota, a raven snatches spunky little Minn from the cabin where she lives with her human friend Gerdie. She, too, will face many challenges as she attempts to find her way home.



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