Programs & Workshops

Kathy-jo Wargin has been visiting schools for more than two decades. In every presentation, she offers the in-depth but age-appropriate writing, editing, and publishing experience that comes along with a career consisting of more than 55 published books. She offers large-group presentations and writing workshop formats for all grade levels as well as small, in-service workshops for educators. 

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Programs can be customized to include the goals and benchmarks that are important within each student body. As we all know, this varies from one school to another. Kathy-jo Wargin is able to customize her programs so they include critical touchpoints that help educators bring the main ideas from the program back into their classroom practice.

General Program:

The Life of an Author / includes background, ideas on how to foster creativity, as well as the process of writing a book from the sloppy copy to the finished product.


Special writing workshop for students or educators

Seeds, Sprouts, & Blossoms: Growing a Garden of Writers.

Join Kathy-jo Wargin as she simplifies the creative writing process for students in this exciting, colorful and productive program. As the name conveys, creative writing is an organic, natural process that requires layers of planning, preparation, nurturing, caretaking, and most of all - love. The program is available for several different venues:


Writer's Workshop in the Classroom.

This program works very well in a classroom environment for all grade levels. Kathy-jo Wargin is able to differentiate the concepts so they are appropriate for each age-group from early elementary through university.


For Educators as an In-Service to implement the concepts into their own writing program.

Kathy-jo Wargin offers an Educator version of this workshop so teachers may implement Seeds, Sprouts, & Blossoms into their year-long writing program.


For corporations or institutions seeking to encourage employees self-identifying as "nonwriters" to become better written communicators, or to encourage natural writers to take their writing to the next level.

The program helps adults who self-identify as non-writers to connect with their natural ability to write and communicate more efficiently and organically within their professional capacity. It also serves as a team-building activity and a program that encourages participants to improve their written communication skills for professional growth or personal enrichment.