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Publishing Services for a Connected World.


Whether it’s through writing and publishing workshops for adults or commercial services provided to publishers and private clientele, Kathy-jo Wargin has been developing content solutions for nearly three decades, helping publishers, corporations, and independent authors put forth quality books, scripts, and more.


“The only constant is change. And in publishing, such words have never been more true. My career in the publishing and marketing industry began in the 1980's, providing content and content strategy for newspapers, magazines, agencies, corporations and book publishers. 

As technology began its march, the publishing industry began to evolve into the platform of today, which is comprised of digital models that offer customer immediacy, reader engagement, product excitement, and the genuine opportunity for great content to provide a wide array of marketing solutions across a spectrum of interests.

Through this, though I continue to create books for other publishers in my role as an author for children and adults, I have immersed myself in the exploration of new media as President of Bliva Media Publishing. Bliva Media conceptualizes, builds, and develops publishing programs for a variety of end uses including buyer acquisition. As an independent consultant, I help businesses and/or individuals develop innovative publishing programs with print or digital products. In addition, I remain engaged in my career as a children's author and ghostwriter and offer my experience to others through manuscript development and review services.  

While I've worn many hats in the content development and publishing arena, I believe that success in any field or endeavor boils down to these core traits and abilities:

- Remain flexible and focused. 
- Commit to quality on every level.
- Lead with purpose, relate with kindness. 
- Establish an environment of authentic excellence where achievement is rewarded.
- Never stop learning. Ever.“


Manuscript Services

Professional, Experienced help with Manuscript development & Preparation

Do you have a manuscript that you are hoping to submit to a children’s publisher or publish yourself? Do you feel confident that your manuscript is aimed at the right age-group? Do you wonder if your storyline comes through as clearly as you are hoping it will?

Kathy-jo Wargin offers private, individual manuscript guidance to meet your specific goals. Whether you need a general overview to help you continue the important work of making your story shine or complete manuscript preparation, we have a service to help you move forward toward your goals.

If you’d like to learn more, please complete the form below and we will contact you with further information.



Ghostwriting Services for Publishers as well as Commercial & Private Clientele

Kathy-jo Wargin provides ghostwriting services for trade publishers and private clients in need of content for picture books, chapter books, commercial projects and more.

If you are a publisher or private client who needs a ghostwriter for an upcoming project, please email below.


E-book Conversion

E-Book Preparation & Conversion

Are you ready to publish your manuscript? If so, you’ve probably learned that there are plenty of steps one must complete before uploading it to popular online outlets or even your own website. Let us help you by eliminating the worry and helping you move your project through the publishing pipeline more efficiently.

Send us your manuscript in Word format and in return, we’ll send you all the properly formatted files you need in order to start selling your book. Please use the form below to inquire about fees.


A look at some of our additional experience:



Years ago, I created a business model to serve independent authors and small publishers in the contemporary marketplace by utilizing publishing tools and assets that were historically only accessible to larger publishing houses. It was called Book Bridge Press, and we produced and packaged high-quality children's books as well as promotional tools and strategies to serve the unique needs of each client's goals and brand. Once established, the business model for Book Bridge Press was successfully sold to its current owner where it continues to empower authors. 

Today, that same spirit and dedication from me has evolved into a new platform of more streamlined, digitally connected services for authors to create, grow, and realize their own next chapters of personal and professional gain at a pace that aligns with today’s digital environment.




In 2013, our publishing firm Bliva Media created and launched a digital magazine titled NORTH, Minnesota's Up North Magazine. We were thrilled with it's reception, and enjoyed the process of making the publication. However, after a short time, an opportunity came our way which allowed the title to be nested into another media brand and we thought it was the perfect chance to do so. We are still quite fond of NORTH and its authentic essence, but most of all, we're proud of all we learned during the experience, and we’re happy to be able to share this knowledge as we help others achieve their publication goals.




It’s Swedish for become.


President, Bliva Media Publishing

At Bliva Media, we create engaging, dynamic original content for print and online media tools. We offer turnkey editorial solutions that shape identities and share messages in beautiful custom content publications designed to stand above the rest, helping others evolve customer relationships into longterm loyalties. Custom publishing is a highly focused and powerful way to reach customers by engaging them in a one-to-one media relationship that builds longterm loyalty and strengthens brand image, identity, and message.


We hope you’ll join us!

From the heart of Rochester, Minnesota. . .

Writer’s Workshops

Have you always wanted to pursue your dream of writing and publishing a book for children? Have you ever wondered about the differences between submitting a book to a publisher and publishing without one?

In upcoming workshops led by children’s author Kathy-jo Wargin, you will learn how to navigate the world of children’s publishing as well as how to conceive, develop, and fine-tune a manuscript for publication. In addition, the positive, relaxed environment will be a time to forge new connections with fellow writers and future friends as you discover how sharing among peers can help elevate and strengthen individual aspirations.

These workshops will take place in Rochester, Minnesota. If you’d like to be notified when more details are available, please send us an email.