The Frog Prince Book Cover

The Frog Prince

Mitten Press  |  2007  |  32 pages

The youngest daughter of the king lives a very special life, indeed. Her days are spent in lovely gowns, playing happily with her favorite golden ball. When her beloved ball is lost, she strikes a bargain for its return with a thick, green frog—a deal she doesn’t intend to keep! But the ugly frog, refusing to be left behind by the fleeing princess, insists she share her life with him as promised.

This Brothers Grimm tale of a spoiled princess finding her handsome prince by breaking a witch’s spell has enchanted readers since it was written in the early 1800s. With enchantingly elegant illustrations, Anne Yvonne Gilbert brings Kathy-jo Wargin’s retelling of the classic to a new generation of readers.


This title is out of print but can be found on Amazon and other marketplaces. 


A very pretty rendering of this difficult story. Wargin has stayed very close to the Grimms’ version: The princess does not kiss the frog at all, but throws him across the room in a fit of pique...
— Kirkus Reviews

Intricate, gloriously lush illustrations highlight this retelling of the familiar tale. Wargin has preserved much of the tone of the original text while editing the length to make it more palatable for younger audiences...And there will certainly be questions about why the witchy princess, who throws the frog at a wall, deserves him when he is revealed as a prince, but this does conform to the original Grimm brothers story.
— Booklist

...Kathy-Jo Wargin has woven her literary magic in a retelling of the Brothers Grimm tale. It is a treasure to be collected by princesses and princes everywhere. The book speaks its own language of love; the gentle, firm guidance of a father, promises kept, (difficult as they may be), and the belief that persistence pays off...
— Foreword Magazine 2007