The Legend of Mackinac Island

Sleeping Bear Press |  48 pages  | 1999


Winner, Great Lakes Booksellers Association Children's Book Award

 Legend and folklore of the Great Lakes region tell us that long ago, there was a large great turtle who floated quietly and gently upon a world made only of water. His name was Makinauk. One day a great spirit told him that he must lend his back for the creation of a brand new world- a place that has since become known as Mackinac Island.

Since the release of the widely- successful children's book "The Legend of Sleeping Bear," author Kathy-jo Wargin and painter Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen have been collaborating on this triumphant story about friendship and loyalty. With intense dedication to the realism of the characters and the magic of the island, their work celebrates this tale in jubilant fashion, capturing the essence of a story that has inspired young and old throughout the generations.


Awards & Honors

Winner, 2002 Michigan Reading Association Reader's Choice Award

Short-List 1999 Read Michigan Selection

Winner, 1999 Great Lakes Booksellers Association Children's Book Award


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