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The Legend of the Loon

Sleeping Bear Press  |  2000 |  48 pages

International Reading Association Children's Choice Award


The Legend of the Loon tells of a magical grandmother and her cherished relationship with her grandchildren. Trips to the forest with her reveal the wonders of nature, from winter's frost to the miracle of newborn fawns. She tells them of the dream-soul, "where all of the things you believe in and wish for come together like earth and water and sky." Telling stories by firelight, the grandchildren notice Grandmother Lom's reflection on the water. "She looked as if she was wearing the night and the stars on her back, the northern lights as a beautiful necklace, and a kindled flame in her eyes..."

Written with the captivating poetry you've come to expect from author Kathy-jo Wargin and painted with mystery and wonder by illustrator Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen, this tale is a perfect addition to your Legends collection as well as an enchanting introduction to the work of these legendary storytellers.

Awards & Honors

2001 International Reading Association Children's Choice Award

2000 Great Lakes Booksellers Association's Children's Book of the Year, runner-up


Where did you come from, Grandmother Lom?” The old woman smiled and said in a whisper -
”I am the daughter of Lakes,
Lakes, the daughter of Woods,
Woods, the daughter of Wilderness,
And Wilderness, the daughter of Song.
— Kathy-jo Wargin, The Legend of the Loon


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