Kathy-jo Wargin
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The Legends


Mother Bear called throughout the day.

"My children can you hear me? I know you must be near. 
My children I am waiting, waiting high up here."

 - from the legend of sleeping bear by kathy-jo wargin, illustrated by gijsbert van frankenhuyzen

Legend Sleeping Bear Mother.jpg

Classic folklore for all ages.

In 1998, the first in the legend series created by Kathy-jo Wargin was released. It was The Legend of Sleeping Bear, and it quickly became the Official State Children’s Book of Michigan as well as a bestselling book celebrating love, loyalty, and heritage. Soon after, additional stories honoring the rich history of the Great Lakes Region followed, which includes these favorites.  


The Legend of Sleeping bear

It started with a mother's love. Fleeing from a forest fire, a mother bear urges her two cubs into the watery shelter of a vast body of water.

The legend of mackinac island

Legend and folklore of the Great Lakes region tell us that long ago, there was a large great turtle who floated quietly and gently upon a world made only of water. 

The legend of the loon

The Legend of the Loon tells of a magical grandmother and her cherished relationship with her grandchildren, where she reveals the wonders of nature.



The Legend of the Lady's Slipper

The Legend of the Lady's Slipper is the tale of a young maiden's run through the forest in an attempt to save her village. In the end, she leaves a beautiful legacy for all.

The legend of leelanau

Leelinau is forbidden from going into the Spirit Wood, but she so enjoys time spent there with the Pukwudjinees (the tiny fairies of the forest) that she returns.

The Legend of Old Abe

During the Civil War, it was not uncommon for Army units to have mascots to lift spirits and build loyalty among the soldiers. One of the most famous mascots was Old Abe.



The Legend of Minnesota

An enduring friendship between an Ojibwe girl and a Dakotah boy, and how their kindness toward one another gives the beautiful land of Minnesota its name.

The Legend of the Petoskey Stone

The Legend of the Petoskey Stone focuses on the naming of this unique fossil, found only on the shores of Lake Michigan, through its namesake, Ignatius Petosegay.  

The Legend of Wisconsin

The great Gitchee Manitou has sent Nanabush the Giant Hare to the new north country to give the first animals their names and special markings. 

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